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Museum Representation

MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art), Barcelona, Spain, April 2019.
Bruges – Oud Sinand line, coupled with her bold textures and colors, clearly represent a passion for abstract designs, and her goal is to dramatically exert strength, spirituality, liveliness and beauty.


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Valid World Hall Galerie | Barcelona, Spain
ArtExpo Miami | Wynwood/Florida, USA
ArtExpo Zürich, Switzerland
SeeMee Exhibition, The affordable Art Fair, New York City
ArtAddictiononline exhibition, London/UK
Hotel Radisson blu, Schiphol Rijk, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
Carrousel du Louvre, Paris/France
See.Me Exhibition Space, Long Island City, (digital Show) NY/USA
SeeMee @ Times Square, Broadway/Billboards, New York City/USA
Panorama, RAWArtists, The Cutting Room, New York City/USA
Artaddiction, online exhibition
See.Me Exhibition Space, Long Island City, (digital Show) NY/USA
Scope, Projection-Show, Miami Beach/USA
Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts, New York City/USA
Story of the Creative Rising, (digital Show) Long Island, NY/USA
Projection-Show, Gagosian Gallery, Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Guggenehim, Moma, digital Show, NYC/USA
Hotel Radisson SAS, Amsterdam City Centre/The Netherlands
Hotel Radisson SAS, Schiphol-Rijk/The Netherlands
Mirrorcenter, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
Culturplaces Amsterdam, NowOpenAtelier-Route, Amsterdam/NL
ArtExpo, Ahoy, Rotterdam/The Netherlands
ArtEvent, Xpo, Ahoy, Rotterdam/The Netherlands
Art in Progress, Xpo Hallen, Kortrijk/Belgium
Expo de Hyzel, Brussels/Belgium
Retort, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
Casino, Bad Gastein, Salzburg/Austria
Hotel Europäischer Hof, Bad Gastein, Salzburg/Austria
Congresshalls Rottach-Eggern, Teggernsee/Germany
Artmile, Berlin/Germany
Konzil Konstanz, Bodensee/Germany
Ambiente, Frankfurt/Germany
Artfestival in the former Diary, Bischofshofen/Austria
Gift for “Round Table45” Salzburg/Austria
Casino-Hotel Regensburg/Germany
Cafe 2Stein, Salzburg/Austria
Gallery Small Prince, Baden-Baden/Germany
Kursaal Engelberg/Swizerland
Café 2Stein, Salzburg/Austria
Casino-Castle Klessheim, Salzburg/Austria
Gift for Auction in Dorotheum Vienna for “Light in the Dark”
Hostalek Piano’s, Salzburg/Austria
RAIKA Bank, Salzburg/Austria
Gallery Dr. Böhner, Mannheim/Germany
Gallery Jardin des Arts, Salzburg/Austria
Café-Restaurant Zartl, Vienna/Austria
Private Exhibition, San Marino/Italy
Groot Constantia Gallery, Cape Town/South Africa
Gallery International, Cape Town/South Africa
Kulturgelände Nonntal, Salzburg/Austria

Div. ExhibitionS

2001     Diggi Zaal, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
1998     Café-Restaurant Hagenauer Stuben (Mozarts Birth House), Salzburg/Austria
1998     Café Come In, Salzburg/Austria
1998     Café Pub Populär, Salzburg/Austria
1997     Assosiation for Visual Arts, Cape Town/South Africa
1997     Atlantic Art Gallery, Cape Town/South Africa
1997     Art Etc., Cape Town/South Africa

Further Project’s

2014          Artaddiction Online Competition, Artist from Today, London/UK
2014          Artavita Competition for show World Wide Art Los Angeles, Oct. 2014, USA
2007          Artoteque Online Competition, Work on Display, London/UK
2006          Magazine “Just to Be”, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
2005          Original Art Collection, Kunstvademecum, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
2005          Party Decoration, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
2002/03     Diverse Decoration for Parties, Amsterdam and surrounding/The Netherlands
2002/03     Decoration for “The Beetles”, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
2001          Project Braintown/Germany
2001          Boomerang Cards/Austria
2000/01     Workshop Gallery Donkersloot, Amsterdam/The Netherlands