In 1971 I entered this world as part of an Austrian family residing in Salzburg (Austria). Already during my early youth, while moving within Austria several times, I discovered my artistic talent and desire to develop it. But coming from a rather traditional family with a very practical approach to life, I did not dare following this path until I started travelling during my early twenties.

At the age of 23 my curiosity and thirst for adventure lead me to Australia. The culture, landscapes, colors and wildlife were breathtaking and the images of the different life ‘down-under’ left deep impressions which I still memorize very well. After this trip I could simply not resist any longer and followed my deepest desire: to express myself through painting. Having no formal art education I simply started by following my intuition how to use, mix and layer paint to give it the effects I had visualized for my work.

At this point of time, I was fascinated and inspired by the works of Salvador Dali, soon after my first own art pieces were created. My preference of painting wild animals is the result of a 6 months journey to Cape Town/South Africa in winter 1996/97. During this time I organized also my first exhibitions in “Gallery International” (Cape Town/S.A.) and “Groot Constantia Gallery”  displaying my work from the previous year.

Craving for new inspiration I moved to cosmopolitan Amsterdam in 2000. Influenced by artists from around the globe and cultural happenings my creativity became the center of my life.

Still searching for the unknown, the deeper meaning of life, our human existence and looking for answers, I searched for a complimentary discipline. By co-incidence, or higher guidance, I came across Kundalini Yoga. After a short trial period, I decided to follow the International Teacher Training as this practice gave me the answers I was looking for and opened a new world to me. I dived into the spiritual world and learned to follow my intuition or what we often call ‘gut feeling’. The combination of physical and mental exercising with spiritual-touched oil paintings made it possible to express myself. The influence is also visible in my latest artwork which is fulfilled with spirituality.

I hope that my own enthusiasm, engagement and passion of this development reflects in my artwork, becomes sensible for the observer and touches their hearts.

Artist of The Year 2020